Meow wolf taos vortex 2018

Assisting artist Dicapria


Melolagnia is great at problem solving with a psychedelic style. From domineering music video or event art direction to submissive music festival art department assistance we’ve exercised our creative muscles in any and all directions we’ve been allowed. We would love to add creative flair to your expression or assist other artists in doing so more effectively.

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Buku music & art project

Assisting the hospitality team

Artist hospitality

Melolagnia knows how to help organize those ridiculous rider requests and arrange everything in a backstage space with ease. Ensure your hired talent is given what they want and more with empathetic energy. When the artists are comfortable they’re more likely to put their best energy into for your event experience.

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Solo Project


Melolagnia has experience in numerous dance genres and 17 years of practice. Since ceasing formal practice she uses her experience in pointe ballet and her zen meditation practice to create improv abstract performance pieces. Sometimes live meditations; still and silent. Other times dance with vibrant movement. Always sure to add an element of interest to any event.

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